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Private 1-1 EARTH Session

Experience a unique 1-1 session creating ceramics in a new, connective earth-centred way

  • 110 British pounds
  • Winchester

Key Details

Begin your ceramics practice in a 1-1 truly unique experiential session with professional Artist & Conceptual Designer Tash Fry klā. Learn how to hand-build with clay whilst exploring the innate connection between ceramics and our earth. Journey down to the crystal clear chalk stream rivers in Hampshire and learn how to practice ceramics in line with clay's natural origins amongst in the water and earth elements. Tash will share her unique processes of working alongside nature's materials, exploring natural pigments, embellishing & imprinting your pieces with seasonal plants, flowers + botanicals. Tash shares her secrets of how to immerse, create, focus and channel freedom through art all at once in a beautiful calming creation exercise. Focussed on connecting to your material + its environment, you will make your first piece as you walk amongst the winding rivers and swaying grass meadows. Experience a meditation for your senses, immerse and explore the sounds, scents and visual beauty of the local land. Tash will guide you through a sense-led meditation based upon the season, weather and most prolific element in your environment at the time: e.g a river sound meditation, sun or rain touch meditation. Explore holistic & conceptual art building symbolism and poetry into your creations. Tash will guide you through sculpting your very own functional ceramic pieces (typically 2 pieces ) - either of your choice or be guided by Tash. Overview: - 2 hour session - Create 2 ceramic pieces of your choosing - Explore our Earth learn how to harness it's abundant material offerings - Learn how to work with clay to create functional ceramics - Gain 1-1 teaching and guidance from professional Artist and Designer - Location: Tash's private studio, address given upon booking - All materials, + firing/ glazing done by Tash post-session included in the price - Receive fully functional ceramic pieces 8 weeks post-workshop

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