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Why are lots of items on pre-order?

Pre-order items are pieces that are specially made upon your order and request! We try to keep pieces in stock as much as possible, however depending upon volume of orders pieces may need to be made from scratch. We appreciate that the lead time may be longer than you expected however this means your piece is truly individual - no one will have one like yours!

Why can orders take so many weeks?

Ceramics is a long, patient and careful process, and Tash is the only artist creating your orders which truly are labours of love. She starts building your pieces within the week that you place your order. Then your pieces need to fully dry over the following week before she can put them in the kiln for their first firing. Then she individually hand-paints and glazes each one, and puts them in for their second firing. This whole process can take up to a maximum 4-5 weeks depending on volume of current orders & complexity of the pieces.

How long in advance do I need to place a bespoke order?

If you require the bespoke order for a specific date, we will do our best to work towards this deadline, however please allow an average of 6 weeks for your order to be fully completed and an absolute minimum of 4 weeks. Please note these timings will not apply from October on the lead up to Christmas where bespoke order volume increases! Bespoke order lead times around Christmas can be up to 8 weeks. 


Are my pieces dishwasher safe?

Yes most of our klā are dishwasher safe, oven proof & microwavable! Each piece has its own individual care instructions in the product description and each one will come with a care card when you receive your order, stating exactly how to look after each individual piece to maintain the best condition.


What's the difference between clay & ceramics?

Clay is the raw material that we use to build our pieces, once they are fired they are ceramics.


Why does my shipping fee change according to how many items I order?

Each item's shipping fee is priced independently according to its weight and size. We use Royal Mail for trustworthy, fast shipping who work out their shipping fees based on the weight of a parcel. So if you add a very heavy item to your basket your shipping fee will increase. 

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