Tash Fry

I'm a ceramicist using the hand-building technique to create my pieces which means I do not throw on a potter's wheel, so each and every one of my organic, earthy mugs, plates & bowls are all hand-pinched and hand-sculpted by me. Hand-building with clay has taught me the power of our own bodies & hands - perfect, ready-made tools that provide us with endless, innate opportunities for creativity. 


I take my inspiration from the earth, since clay is a natural material often found at the river banks, lakes or even at the sea shore. I love to go hiking along rivers and forage my own wild clay to work with, which to me is a beautiful and grounding reminder of what our sacred earth offers us if we only stop and look.

I love to continue working with clay in line with its natural origins, To me it just makes sense. I try to build my pieces outdoors as much as possible, whatever the weather - it grounds me to the individual building process & experience of each piece. I often press leaves & local rocks into my pieces, smooth my pieces with river water or rain drops, & take inspiration from my surroundings - primarily the local chalk streams as I grew up next to the beautiful River Itchen.

I am so keen to share my natural way of working & love for nature's materials with you all. Join me in a 1-1 teaching session, 4 week course, or my unique Clay & Meditation experience to understand nature in a new beautiful way.

Tash's Philosophy

Tash's pieces aim to harness nature into functional, tactile tableware & objects, to bring awareness to the simple, every day moments. 

‘Klā’ is the phonetic spelling for ‘clay'. It refers to the central principle of Tash's pieces ~ how they engage with our shared universal language of our senses. 


The human, 'real' textures across the pieces challenge our sense of touch & sound as we hold and use them. Their organic forms are left uneven and imperfect to remind us of their own making process, connecting us to the material's origins & its journey.


"I love knowing that each piece will begin to forge its own rhythms & rituals in its owners life. My goal is to make beautiful, intentional objects to add a little something extra to a simple every daily task.


I am so passionate about the functionality of the pieces - I don't want people to be scared of using ceramics for fear of breaking them, or to display a beautiful mug in a cupboard without it ever being sipped from or holding a hot warming tea in its walls. My pieces aim to stand as a continuation & new chapter after their life as raw, natural materials living on the earth's surface, so that's like putting our earth in a museum without allowing it to carry on functioning, living & breathing.

I want people to feel that they can hold nature between their hands & use my hand-crafted works of art every day to remind them how special this moment is. My pieces are made to be used, to be loved, eaten & drank from, washed, & even broken & mended is that is where their journey takes them.