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The Artist & Process

About Tash

I am a self-taught ceramicist using hand-building methods to create tableware & homeware, harnessing nature into tactile objects. I am interested in creating functional objects for everyday living to bring slow awareness to simple moments. 


I sculpt all of my pieces individually using hand-pinching, coiling or slab rolling techniques. My practice focusses on the importance of our hands as tools for creating, & it is this paired-back process that my pieces aim to reflect. Hand-building with clay has taught me the power of our own bodies & hands - perfect, ready-made tools that provide us with endless, innate opportunities for creativity. 


My awareness & value for earth’s materials allows me to see potential in every landscape I explore. The realisation that our earth offers us endless opportunities & materials to create with excites me & has led me towards a deep consideration for my material usage. The freedom of hand-building allows me to bring clay with me wherever I go & I love to spend my time wandering rivers foraging for wild clays.

I love to continue working with clay in line with its natural origins, To me it just makes sense. I try to build my pieces outdoors as much as possible, whatever the weather - it grounds me to the individual building process & experience of each piece. I often press leaves & local rocks into my pieces, smooth my pieces with river water or rain drops, & take inspiration from my surroundings - primarily the local chalk streams as I grew up next to the beautiful River Itchen.

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