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Pre-Order Tash's Ceramic Cooking Pan. Expected shipping end of April.


Forming part of Tash's new cookware range, introducing the ceramic cooking Pan - the sweetest, perfect-sized pan for cooking up your fluffiest pancakes this Shrove Tuesday.  Each Pancake Pan is hand-sculpted from Tash's beautifully rich Earth Terracotta clay. Available in Deep Olive glaze finish.


Completely functional for stovetop cooking; gas, electric, AGA or over fire. This ceramic pan is also suitable for use in the oven or grill, making it ideal for baking spanish omelettes or shakshuka, and serving them straight up to the table still in the pan. 


Cooking in ceramics is an ancient method and has long been used for thousands of years. Using a clay pan made of just earth materials and 100% lead-free glazes means that ceramic cookware provides a reall great non-toxic alternative to metal and non-stick pans.


  • Size Approx. (diam) 18cm x (height) 2cm
  • Stoneware

Pre-Order Ceramic Cooking Pan

    • Important: Be sure to set your stovetop to the lowest heat and allow the pan to heat up slowly - it will get nice and hot, so you probably won't need to raise your tempature any higher than a low heat.

    • Allowing the pan to heat up slowly means the heat distribution will be nice and even. The pan will retain heat for a long time.

    • Once you have finished cooking leave your pan to gently cool. These pans specifically use a thermal-shock reistant high-fire terracotta clay known for its durability and adaptability to temperature change. But to keep your pan in its best working order, wash up once it is cool to touch. 

    • With use and over time general wear and tear will occur on this piece and you may notice more of a  change in the surface of the glaze than with other Tash Fry klā pieces. This is to be expected with cookware as opposed to tableware, as the ceramic is enduring heat & vast changes in temperature. 

    • Using a generous coating of butter, oil or ghee in your pan will ensure a non-stick surface.

    • Food safe
    • Durable for everyday use
    • Dishwasher safe (handwashing advised)
    • Oven safe (we advise low & slow heat)
    • Each piece is individually hand made,  one of a kind, meaning there will be unique variations in shape, colour + minor variations in size across the pieces


    • Please note: if you experience any major breakages or problems with your cookware pieces, please get in touch and we will issue a refund right away.
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