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Gather + Rewild
Handbuild ceramics . Innate slow craft . Meditation . Foraged herbal tea ceremonies . Women's circles . Wild swimming . Forest bathing .
Slow living workshops, private bookings + retreats


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Your Teachers



Through each of their different practices, both Tash + Elsa are united in their love & appreciation for simple living, Earth's materials & nature. They want to share with you their value found in taking a slower pace of living, connecting with our Earth as a tool for creating, joy, healing & living more peacefully.

Tash is a ceramics artist working with clay to create functional tableware + homeware. Tash will teach you how to connect & create with Earth's material clay to create functional ceramics.

'I will share  how I honour clay’s natural origins within my practice, something I believe to be very important. We will experiment with pressing leaves & local rocks into our pieces, create ceramic glazes & pigments from nature, smooth our creations with river water or rain drops.'

Elsa is a women's circle facilitator and wild harvester. She will guide you into a slower pace of life through innate slow craft and rituals.

'I cultivate sacred space for women to release and share in a safe environment that I have set with positive and beautiful intention. I love to weave my passion for foraging + herbalism into our sessions by serving you my foraged herbal tea blends.'

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