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Natural Earth Pigments ~ Colour Factory

28 July ~ Forage your own natural ceramic glaze + create a set of cups straight from the earth

  • 65 British pounds
  • The Colour Factory, Winchester, SO23 7DD

Key Details

28th July 6:00 - 8:00 pm Hand-pinch a set of beautiful terracotta ceramic cups finished in your very own natural pigment that you will create yourself using local materials from the land. Create entirely using earth's materials as you hand-build with clay + forage to make your own ceramic pigment. Learn how to forage for and process natural local pigments from the land around you. Tash's will share her knowledge + teachings on the complexities of natural glazing + using wild earth materials in ceramics. Decorate + finish your cups with your own unique designs. Explore the process from start to finish, from earth to final product as you build + paint with entirely natural materials. No previous experience required. 2 x finished pieces will completely functional for everyday use 2 hour session All materials, + firing/ glazing done by Tash post-session included in the price Receive fully functional ceramic pieces 8 weeks post-workshop

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