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Learn the art of slow, mindful craft & create your own functional ceramics to take away with you. Experience calming meditations & sound baths, enjoy foraged herbal tea ceremonies, women's circles, wild swimming, forest bathing & more.
Ceramics Artist Tash & forager Elsa create workshops, retreats & experiences that combine the slow art of ceramics with guided meditation. Their experiences offer you a return to a slower pace of living, an opportunity to craft functional intentional art with your hands, taste foraged herbal teas, relax into grounding meditations, & share in women's circles in truly grounding, relaxing experiences.
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I'm a ceramicist aiming to harness nature into functional, tactile tableware & objects to bring awareness to simple everyday moments.

I use the hand-building technique in my practice rather than wheel throwing. In our workshops I want to share with you how this method has taught me the individual power of our own bodies & hands- perfect, ready-made tools that provide us with endless, innate opportunities for creativity.

I will share with you how I honour clay’s natural origins within my practice, something I believe to be very important when working with earth’s materials. We will experiment with pressing leaves & local rocks into our pieces, create ceramic glazes & pigments from nature, smooth our creations with river water or rain drops.



I am womens circle facilitator and wild harvester. Through my practise I aim to cultivate a sacred space for women to release and share in a safe environment that I have set with positive and beautiful intention. Guiding you into a slower pace of life through innate slow craft and rituals. I’m also currently studying herbalism and I lo